Camp McClintock Rules

  1. The Scout Oath and Law will be the basis for personal conduct by all people using the property. All BSA rules and policies and state or local laws apply.
  2. Check in with the Campmaster on duty or the Camp Ranger upon arriving, before proceeding to your reserved area. Have your official tour permit, if it is required.
  3. Two-deep leadership must be present with the group at all times.
  4. All campers must make reservations through the Scout Service Center.
  5. Check out with the Campmaster or Camp Ranger prior to departure. Approval of departure will be conditional on a final inspection of facilities used.  Deposits and fees for use of facilities must be paid at the Scout Service Center prior to use.
  6. All trash is to be taken away with you. You brought it, so please leave with it.
  7. Fires may be built in existing fire rings or in a fire pit, which you dig and then fill in and cover like you found it. Other fires must be approved by the Campmaster or Camp Ranger. The use of charcoal or fuel stoves is encouraged and National BSA policy governs their use. Fire buckets are available from the Campmaster or Camp Ranger.
  8. Water faucets are located throughout the camp. Practice conservation — Please make certain all faucets are turned off.
  9. No firearms, including air rifles, or fireworks, including sparklers, are permitted. Any exception to the no firearm rule is made only by the Council Scout Executive.
  10. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted at any time.
  11. Please leave all pets at home.
  12. Do not disrupt any wildlife or plants. Do not cut any trees. No chainsaws are permitted.
  13. Vehicles may not be parked in camping areas and must be parked in designated parking areas. National BSA policy prohibits passengers from riding in open truck beds and trailers.
  14. Emergency numbers are posted on the dining hall porch entry door. Please do all you can to consult with the Campmaster of the Camp Ranger before calling for emergency help.
  15. Taps at 10:00 pm., lights out at 11:00 pm.
  16. A service or conservation project should be carried our while using the property. The Campmaster or Camp Ranger will have a list of projects from which to choose. Other projects may be considered. Please obtain approval before starting any project.
  17. Units will be expected to make restitution for any damage to facilities or property.
  18. Report all accidents and injuries to the Campmaster or Camp Ranger.
  19. Leave your campsite, building, or pavilion as clean or cleaner than you found it.