Volunteer Opportunities

Contact the Scout office (918-336-1970) to find out about specific volunteer opportunities.  These are just a few ways volunteers support Scouting in the Cherokee Area Council.

Cub Scouts

At the Pack level, typical jobs (with time commitments) include:

  • Committee Chair (5 hours a month) – Ultimately responsible for the Pack and its operations; recruits and supports the Pack’s adult volunteers
  • Cubmaster (4 hours a month) – Organizes and MCs the monthly Pack meetings
  • Assistant Cubmaster (2 hours a month) – Assists/stands-in for the Cubmaster, sometimes moves into his/her slot in 1-2 years
  • Treasurer (10 hours at volunteer’s discretion) – Processes reimbursement requests and collects annual Scout fees through den leaders.
  • Advancement Coordinator (1 hour per month) – Emails to solicit info on Scout achievements, then works with the Council office to get the awards for distribution at Pack meetings.
  • Secretary (4 hours) – Secures meeting and event space for the summer.
  • Popcorn Chair (12 hours for one month)
    • Distributes popcorn sales order forms, collects them and rolls them up to the Council for consolidated ordering;
    • Recruits volunteers to transport cases from the warehouse to Piedmont and to allocate the cases appropriately to each Den 
    • Distributes prizes.
  • Den Leader – (8 hours per month) Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos dens. Works directly with Cub Scouts and their parents/guardians to execute the Cub Scouting program in the den.

Boy Scouts

At the Troop level, typical jobs (with time commitments) include:

  • Scoutmaster (4 hours per week, plus weekend campouts, volunteer opportunities, advancement) – Works directly with youth. Attends most Scout meetings and activities. Directly responsible for developing youth leadership. Works with Senior Patrol Leader and other youth leaders.
  • Assistant Scoutmasters (1 to 3 hours per week plus weekend campouts, volunteer opportunities, and summer activities.) – Works with Scoutmaster and youth leadership to plan, organize, and carry out program activities. Assistant Scoutmasters frequently serve as Eagle Advisors.
  • Troop Committee Chair (2 hours per week) – Helps fill Committee positions. Works with Scoutmaster & Troop committee to ensure that all activities run smoothly.
  • Treasurer (12 hours per year) – Responsible for Troop funds. Pays council bills for advancement & registration. Deposits funds from registration and Troop activities such as hikes & fundraisers. 
  • Advancement Chair (10-20 hours per year, plus two hours per Eagle advancement) – Responsible for keeping unit advancement records. Submits all advancement data to the council. Prepares advancement for Courts of Honor. Includes preparation with Eagle advancement.
  • Secretary (2 hours per committee meeting) – Takes minutes of committee meetings and (e)mails them to members.
  • Charter Org. Rep (1 hour per committee meeting) – Liaison between the chartering organization and the Troop. Attends Troop committee meetings.
  • Popcorn Chair (4 hours per year) – Fall fundraiser for Council and Troop. Chair attends one Council meeting. Works with Senior Patrol Leader to create interest & dispense information, supplies & popcorn product to Troop. Collects orders & money from scouts. Places order with Council; works with Treasurer to assure all monies collected.
  • Outings Coordinator (4 hours per year) – Obtains the years camping dates from the Scoutmaster and obtains reservations & permits with campgrounds. Files trip permits with Council for each event that the Troop will be away from the regular meeting location.
  • Transportation Coordinator (6 to 8 hours per year) – Obtains sign-ups in September for all Troop events (campouts and Fun Nights) requiring drivers. Reminds drivers of their obligation before each event. Works with Senior Patrol Leader to obtain the count of boys needing drivers. Obtains additional drivers when needed.
  • Equipment Chair (20 hours per year) – Responsible for purchase, care, and maintenance of Troop equipment. Coordinates annual cleanup & inventory. Works with Troop Quartermaster.
  • Summer Camp Chair (15 hours per year) – Makes reservations with another Council for one week at their camp (to be determined). Communicates with the other Council the roster of boys and adults attending and makes payment. Communicates information to boys in the Troop and sends information packets.

District & Council Level

At the District or Council level, typical jobs (with time commitments) include:

  • Unit Commissioner (4 hours per month) – Coaches and consults with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews. 
  • District Committee (2 hours per month) – Responsible for increasing the effectiveness of Scouting throughout the district.
  • Merit Badge Counselor (6 to 8 hours per year) – Offers time, knowledge, and other resources so that Scouts can explore a topic of interest.