Free Advancements Policy

Units will need to ensure that they meet the requirements for advancements in two different areas: the first is for free rank patches, and the second is for free merit badges, and a 50% discount on the Eagle Scout Presentation kit*. Please check with the Scout office if you have any questions concerning this policy for free advancements.

To support the requirement concerning training, Boy Scout leader training is the focus of the adult leader training sessions at the Merit Badge Festival on February 28th. Cub Leaders can come and participate in the training sessions that will help them for leader qualification such as youth protection and BALOO. Please check with the Scout Office if you have any questions concerning this change of policy for free advancements.

Achieve the following and your unit will receive free rank patches (does not include Eagle kit*):

  • Unit participation in the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign
  • Participation in Popcorn Sales with minimum sales totaling of $100 times number of youth members at last recharter [example: unit with 6 registered youth members x $100 = $600 minimum sales]
  • Submit a clean and transmittable charter renewal by December 15
  • Have unit adult leader representation at 70% of all roundtables
  • Send at least one leader to Wood Badge training – as a participant or staff member (if applicable)
  • Have unit leader fully trained and all leaders youth protection trained by year end

To receive Free Merit Badges and 50% Cost of Eagle Kit* unit will need to qualify for free rank patches (see requirements above) and achieve the following:

  • Unit achievement of the National Camping Award
  • Achieve Bronze, Silver, or Gold level for unit on Journey to Excellence in the previous year

Tracking: The Scout Shop will maintain a list of units eligible for free rank patches, merit badges and 50% cost of Eagle Rank Presentation Kit*

Appeal Process: Unit leaders are encouraged to follow the below listing (in ascending order) to resolve any discrepancy with the master list.

  1. District Executive
  2. District Advancement Chair
  3. District Key 3
  4. Council VP of Advancement
  5. Council Key 3

*The Eagle Kit consists of:  Presentation case, Eagle rank patch, Eagle rank ribbon for pocket, Mother’s Eagle pin, Father’s tie tack, Eagle Mentor pin